Our handyman charges

Our standard pricing applies to all small jobs generally. These are small odd jobs or various small home repairs that should not need more than two days to complete. For any list of tasks, get in touch for an estimate of the time required, and based on that we can advise about a cost.

For larger projects, we offer a free visit and no-obligation quotation.

Standard pricing

Handyman services price list
First hour £ 50
Additional half hour / s
£ 23
Half-day up to 4 hours
£ 150
Full day up to 8 hours £ 260

The above shown prices are for one handyman and do not include any goods or materials.

Minimum booking for one hour to make it worthwhile through today's London traffic.

The price for any goods supplied if needed, will be an additional amount added to the final bill.

Additional charges for standard pricing

Parking and congestion

Parking charges, charged at cost. For residential areas where this issue can be sorted with a dedicated parking spot or resident permit holders please provide them.

The congestion charge, charged at cost. We do this to keep a standard price as low as possible.

Time for sourcing goods / materials

Charged by time up to one hour.

Price of goods / materials supplied

Charged at cost. We may round up the price to the nearest Pound.

Payment methods accepted

Card payments

We do accept all major credit card providers

Bank transfers

For amounts exceeding £ 500 we prefer them via bank transfer, but in practice, we accept card payments above that threshold.

Cheques preferably not

We are sorry as we consider this an old-fashioned method. Please consider one of the above alternatives.


Usually, it is always a hassle, up to and no more than £ 200 value we may consider the offer.