Frequently asked questions


What details do I need to provide for a booking?

Work Details: Your to-do list and the address for the property. Sometimes, we may ask for a few pictures too.

Invoicing: Full address, name (company name if applicable) and email address to send the invoice.


Can I have a same-day booking?

If we have availability, of course. As we work on a first-come, first-served basis, sometimes we are fully booked in advance.


I have an emergency, could you help?

It is really up to our availability. However, for returning customers, we do try our best to fit them in.


Do you take away packaging or rubbish?

We do not take away any rubbish. We do not have a waste carrier licence. For larger projects, we use third parties to take away all rubbish.


Do you arrive on time for all bookings?

Please allow approx 1-2 hours window for our ETA. We do depend on unknown variables at previous customers and the traffic. We do our best to keep you updated if there are delays.


Do you offer a warranty?

All work comes with a standard one-year warranty unless otherwise *stated.

*Temporary remedies are excluded from the one-year warranty. These are fixes to stop further damage to a property or an emergency fix. And should be attended to and get a permanent solution within days or as soon as reasonable possible.