London handy man for odd jobs and home repairs

  • Affordable hourly charge for small odd jobs
  • Lifetime experienced handyman with attention to details
  • Discounted prices for returning customers
  • Better rates for larger jobs
  • Speak with a handyman, no call centres

If you are looking for handy man in London, call or email us for any enquiries you have. A dedicated London handyman will answer your call, assess your task list and guide you through if we need more info.

Hire a handyman for usual odd jobs like picture hanging and blind fitting, home repairs or larger projects like floor fitting, painting and decorating, bathroom remodelling, kitchen fitting or various carpentry and more that are not listed here we can assist you.

Our Handyman services prices

Handyman services price list
First hour £ 50
Additional half hour / s
£ 23
Half-day up to 4 hours
£ 150
Full day up to 8 hours £ 260

All prices are for one handyman and do not include any kind of goods or materials.

Minimum booking for one hour to make it worthwhile through today's London awful traffic.

Full day £ 200

Half day £ 120

Offer valid with increments in half days.

Offer valid until 31 July.

Projects larger than the usual handyman services

Showcasing a few projects in which we were involved.

For any similar or larger projects get in touch, and we'll discuss the details and advise on the steps involved. Once we have all the particulars of the whole project, we can draw up a quotation with the final price for peace of mind.

Painting and decorating services

This is a bedroom from a one-bedroom basement flat after dump-proofing work was carried out. Dump proofing wasn't done by us. As several walls were replastered the whole flat walls required full decorating.

The pictures chosen are an example of multiple phases from a bare fresh plaster until the final coats of paint. We had approximately 3 layers of moist coat with some generous filler applied after the first one, sanding between every coat to achieve a smooth finish before the final layers of paint.

Carpentry services

This is one of our carpentry projects built on-site, being in a garden and built to measure.

We have here a custom-made shed with Japanese charred wood cladding. The cladding was leftovers from the back garden office build. The mission was to match the garden office in style and use the cladding. It was just enough to cover the front area with the doors and the right-hand side of the shed. We had the measurements of the cladding and built the frame to use the whole cladding. There was no room for mistakes after the frame was built. It has a flat GRP roof drained to the side into a reduced-size gutter.

When both the customer and we are happy with the final finished product that means mission accomplished.

Tilling services

With extensive experience in tilling, we can get done almost any tilling project. Floor or wall tiling, small or large format, we do it all.

We showcase a work in progress on a large floor area and a bathroom tilling. Despite the nature of the job, we still maintain a clean working area, which helps minimize accidents and the cleaner the working environment, the less chance of damage to ready-fitted equipment or other finished areas, which is one of the most likely to happen within this trade.

The bathroom from the pictures was a complete bathroom fitting project. Here, we are featuring just the tilling from it.